When you first walk into the gym and see the Queenax frame with its various dangling accoutrement, I have to admit to being slightly intimidated.

Resembling something I’d seen in medieval dungeons I was curious to see how this style of yoga could work effectively and what the residual benefits would be.

Speaking with the instructor, Goli Hashtroudi, she explained that QSY adds, “an entirely new dimension to your yoga practice, using a combination of yoga, gymnastics and aerial dance, with the assistance of a padded hammock.”
According to Hashtroudi, this is a form of yoga for everyone, in particular for those with back, ankle and neck injuries. Thanks to the hammock, more than half of your total body weight is supported, likening the experience to yoga in water.
Providing a challenging, yet enjoyable workout, QSY helps to create better body awareness and flexibility, allowing you to perform quite advanced yoga without any neck or back compressions. Having the added support of the hammock means that you are able to concentrate on holding the correct postures with the right alignment, although don’t write this style of yoga as being a walk in the park. Be prepared to feel your lower abs, arms and shoulders burn the next day!
Other benefits of QSY include stabilizing your metabolic rate, helping to increase blood flow and oxygen to the face which in turn helps to slow down the ageing process as the skin cells are nourished, decompressing tight joints and reliving pressure while aligning the vertebrae.

Shape Magazine | July 2013