Looking for a new challenging, exercise class to get you back on track, post-Ramadan? Goli Hashtroudi offers a full body workout with TRX Body Blast that we know you’ll love.

Suspension training is my favorite type of exercise because it uses all muscle groups. Every exercise uses back and front core and helps to develop mental focus as well. Suspension training is quite challenging when the correct technique is achieved. Using your own body weight, you can build strength, improve flexibility and engage the cardiovascular system. But the key ingredient in TRX Body Blast is music. Participants perform the same exercises, at the same time in a group exercise class, regardless of fitness level.
All of the exercises are choreographed to music, and participants follow the instructor’s cues to execute the movements. As the TRX slogan goes, “Make your body your machine!”

TRX Crouching Tiger
Muscle Groups: Shoulders, triceps, core, quads, glutes
TRX suspension trainer: fully lengthened
A – stand directly under the anchor point and put one foot in the foot cradle
B – place the hands on the floor in line with the shoulders. Straighten both knees and extend the leg in the foot cradle
C – Bend both knees and elbows and squeeze all muscles to the center. Make sure to keep the core activated. Straighten both knees and elbows and repeat.

TRX Renegade Push-Up
Muscle Groups: Chest, Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps, Abs
TRX suspension trainer: fully lengthened, threaded into one handle
A – Place one hand in handle and go into prone position. Keep the suspension trainer in line with shoulder, elbow and wrist. Don’t extend arm away from body, as this can cause shoulder damage.
B – Execute a strong push-up. As arms extend out of push-up, bring free hand to chest and hold for a few seconds. Return to a prone position, and repeat.

TRX One Arm Pull-Up & Reach
Muscle Groups: biceps, triceps, laterals, oblique
TRX suspension trainer: fully shortened
A – Position yourself sitting on the floor, slightly sideways and at a 45-degree angle from the anchor point. Activate the legs and shoot up from the floor.
B – Lift your heels and reach toward the anchor point, internally turning your body. Touch the suspension trainer and return to starting position.

TRX Superman
Muscle Groups: quads, calves, core, heart
TRX suspension trainer: fully lengthened
A – Stand directly under the anchor point and put one foot in the foot cradle. Lengthen the leg and extend the suspension trainer as far away from the body as possible. Bend the elbows and bring the opposite arm forward.
B – Contract the quads and calves and push your body off the ground, pulling the knee to the chest. Land softly and extend the suspension trainer away from the body.

TRX Compass
Muscle Groups: biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, core
TRX suspension trainer: fully shortened, threaded into one handle
A – Place one hand in the handle directly under the anchor point. Keep the arm nice and long.
B – Step with the opposite foot and cross it over the front of the body.
C – Bend that knee, take the handle with both hands and lean backward. Push your glutes and core up toward the ceiling. Keep the anchor leg strong and still. Return to starting position.

TRX Kneeling Rollout
Muscle Groups: shoulders, glutes, abs
TRX suspension trainer: lower than hip level when kneeling
A – Hold handles with extended arms. Make sure the arms stay nice and long throughout the exercise, and keep the body straight as a ruler.
B – Push the handles down and away from the body. Squeeze he glutes, engage the core and keep the chest up and proud. Return to kneeling. Once correct technique is developed, advance to a standing position.

Shape Magazine | September 2013