As a Pilates Instructor with a 12-level spinal fusion, I believe in safe, yet challenging workouts, and enjoy such “multi-tasking” exercises that incorporate strength training, stretching, posture restoration and calorie burning all at once. I believe that a workout does not have to be high-impact to be effective, and that a workout should properly engage and strengthen the core to support the back. That’s what drew me to TRX® Suspension Training, which has a lot in common with Pilates. Both utilize safe and natural movements on the joints and spine, as well as provide an unparalleled, “hard”core workout. This leads to improved functional capacity in everyday movements, with a reduced risk of pain and injuries.

So, what is TRX? Developed by the Navy SEALs, TRX is a revolutionary system comprised of two nylon-webbing straps with rubber handles that attach to a secure surface. It uses your body weight and angles to create a results-driven, limitless workout. By suspending all or part of your body and by altering the angles, you can easily increase or decrease the difficulty – which makes it extremely versatile and an ideal form of fitness for all ages and abilities. Hundreds of exercises can be performed, from squats, lunges and hamstring curls, to pull-ups, push-ups and planks – and everything in-between.

“TRX is a fun, non-traditional twist on resistance training that is sure to spice up your regular workout routine. It’s a great way to boost your metabolism and build lean muscle that is needed for your body to function at its peak,” according to TRX Certified Fitness Trainer, Ray Bikulcius. “Your strength and endurance will increase, your core will be tighter than ever before, your flexibility will dramatically improve, and you’ll walk away in a better mood. TRX is truly the perfect ‘pick-me-up,’ quite literally.”

Though it is a low-impact workout, through the implementation of sequential strength movements without much rest, TRX classes are generally classified as a high-intensity activity. According to the Harvard Medical School, a one-hour resistance training session such as TRX burns a range between 360 and 530 calories, depending on body weight.1

Try this invigorating, time-efficient, and safe workout today to help you achieve a total-body transformation. From elite athletes and busy professionals, to seniors and expectant mothers, the benefits of TRX are undeniable. Join a free demo class to learn the TRX basics, and then be sure to add small group training classes to your schedule to push yourself further than you ever imagined. You will receive the personalized instruction of a certified trainer and the camaraderie and motivation of working out with your peers.